1. The hope that I'll find tickets to the Berklee concert even if it's sold out

  2. Having gone on stage with PM to sing Uskudar'a Gider Iken, with my husband, who is normally very very shy

  3. Seeing Ari Shapiro in real life and realizing he is extremely handsome, just like in your dreams

  4. Being in Istanbul in 2008 and hearing PM say out loud that they didn't like Bush either, that they cared about little things like peace and equality

  5. Dancing to Tempo Perdido at our wedding, in the most beautiful summer day, overlooking the Bosphorus

  6. Always having love and sharing happiness with our daughter and soon-to-be born son

  7. The privilege of going to concerts, exhibits, and plays, with the hope that one day everyone in the world will be able to enjoy art

  8. Boston Public Library's garden, especially in the summer when they have live music

  9. Swimming in the Mediterranean as if all the worries have left me

  10. The knowledge that there is so much more that makes me happy