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What makes Claire happy?
  1. music

  2. travel

  3. new adventures

  4. old friends

  5. sunshine

  6. my wild girls

  7. my handsome man

  8. reading

  9. running

  10. kindess

What makes NURIA happy?





  6. C




What makes Christina Pitcher happy?
  1. My children

  2. Love

  3. Dancing

  4. Writing

  5. Solving problems

  6. Walking

  7. Talking

  8. Music

  9. Art

  10. Theater

What makes Meriwynn Mansori happy?
  1. My daughters

  2. Unwinding in my kitchen after a long day

  3. Laughing with my sisters

  4. Salsa dancing

  5. Walking my dog on a perfect spring day

  6. Walking in a city

  7. All kinds of music, especially Pink Martini

  8. Swimming in perfectly warm water

  9. Buried under a down comforter reading a novel

  10. Serendipity

What makes Susan happy?
  1. Blue skies and sunshine - doesn't it make you smile

  2. Retirement beckons - yay freedom from 9-5

  3. Travelling with Phil - lots of adventures

  4. My granddaughter Bella - she's so cute

  5. Talking to my pals - we pick up where we left off

  6. Being creative brings endless pleasure

  7. You Me Bum Bum Train volunteer - shhh! it's a secret

  8. Walking everywhere as you see so much more

  9. Great hair!

  10. Seeing my parents who are always happy

What makes Gizem happy?
  1. The hope that I'll find tickets to the Berklee concert even if it's sold out

  2. Having gone on stage with PM to sing Uskudar'a Gider Iken, with my husband, who is normally very very shy

  3. Seeing Ari Shapiro in real life and realizing he is extremely handsome, just like in your dreams

  4. Being in Istanbul in 2008 and hearing PM say out loud that they didn't like Bush either, that they cared about little things like peace and equality

  5. Dancing to Tempo Perdido at our wedding, in the most beautiful summer day, overlooking the Bosphorus

  6. Always having love and sharing happiness with our daughter and soon-to-be born son

  7. The privilege of going to concerts, exhibits, and plays, with the hope that one day everyone in the world will be able to enjoy art

  8. Boston Public Library's garden, especially in the summer when they have live music

  9. Swimming in the Mediterranean as if all the worries have left me

  10. The knowledge that there is so much more that makes me happy

What makes Jennifer happy?
  1. Receiving from my husband a trip to Portland to see Pink Martini in person (for the first time) at their New Year's Eve 2015 show

  2. Powell's bookstore

  3. Readily available vegan food

  4. Unexpected snow

  5. A beach full of people and dogs even in freezing weather

  6. Warm hats and boots from the Columbia store

  7. The friendliest people in the US: Portlanders

  8. Staying at the beautiful Sentinel Hotel

  9. Hearing my favorite NPR host perform with my favorite band

  10. Listening toe Una Notte A Napoli turned up loud back home in Oklahoma (please consider coming here!)

What makes mary happy?
  1. God

  2. Gardening

  3. Husband

  4. Daughter

  5. Pilates

  6. Music

  7. Biking

  8. Walking

  9. Friends

  10. Wine

What makes Ted Streuli happy?
  1. Little boys laughing

  2. Raymond playing soccer

  3. Ryland skipping

  4. Betsey smiling

  5. Coffee

  6. Sailing alone at sunset

  7. The sound of skates cutting into fresh ice

  8. Manhattans

  9. Exiting the Waldo tunnel, southbound

  10. Sourdough

What makes Chad happy?
  1. My partner

  2. Red wine

  3. Roses blooming

  4. Good food

  5. The first snow

  6. Lattes

  7. My nephews

  8. My niece

  9. My family

  10. My friends

What makes DebraC happy?
  1. taking my sons to fancy restaurants to satisfy their appetites for living

  2. the thrill and fear of connection

  3. laser light-ing my cat

  4. discovering a new just right word

  5. hiking because I still can

  6. witnessing sincere talent

  7. snippets of strangers conversations

  8. AirBnB hosts

  9. Freud Chapter Seven

  10. donating money

What makes Eileen happy?
  1. my boys

  2. their morning smiles

  3. nightime kisses

  4. My O/H's warmness beside me at night

  5. All four of us together

  6. My sister, ,my rock - Social events organiser; next big event~Opening Advent2015

  7. My 3 brothers, 2 nieces, 2A special aunt and 2 uncles

  8. My stalwart father & mother in law, sister&brothers in law S

  9. Home Love family Tea Music Helping others Film Reading

  10. France Family espresso Rose, Amaro, Cuisine. Sun, Sea Piaf

What makes ROMY BRADEL happy?



  4. A HUG

  5. A KISS






What makes Lottie happy?
  1. Sitting in the front row of the opera, so you can feel the singers vibrate

  2. Swing music

  3. Dancing 'til dawn

  4. Proseco

  5. Sun, with a hat and and the perfect sun glasses

  6. Greek tavernas

  7. Hearing about a book, downloading it on my phone & off I go...

  8. Good public transportation

  9. Unexpected upgrades on cross continental flights

  10. Fish tacos

What makes Perla Vanessa Rios-Riuz happy?
  1. My husband

  2. Family

  3. Friends

  4. Teaching

  5. Cooking

  6. Music

  7. School

  8. Reading

  9. Drinks

  10. Animals

What makes Leo happy?
  1. Mom

  2. Wrestling with Dad

  3. Dancing with my sister

  4. Rice

  5. Showers

  6. Raspberries

  7. "Raffey" the giraffe blanet

  8. Making motor boat noises with my mouth

  9. Trying to catch the cat

  10. Naps

What makes Agnes happy?
  1. seeing the joy when I give or do something unexpected for someone - such as paying someone's parking meter for a few hours

  2. sunshine

  3. the biggest smile a child gives me when he/she understands something that I teach to them

  4. having my two poodles snuggle up to me for our afternoon naps

  5. seeing others enact random acts of kindness

  6. my family and friends

  7. my imagination - it takes me to happy and cool places

  8. listening to stories told by other people, especially the "how I met my other half" stories

  9. a french baguette, a cafe au lait, and a good book

  10. sleeping outdoors, in the sunshine, on the grass, by the ocean

What makes Sharon happy?
  1. My family

  2. Hearing China sing

  3. Sipping wine in Positano

  4. My delightful dogs, Truman and Daisy

  5. Memories of my "Granny" and PopPop"

  6. Living in southern California's wine country

  7. Snow!

  8. Spa days

  9. Freedom

  10. Watching anything starring Judi Densch

What makes Michael happy?
  1. Being in Lyon

  2. Traveling far away by train

  3. In the mountans with the bicycle

  4. Like Timothy said, "Studying a foreign langauge and being able to use it abroad."

  5. Music

  6. A half day of holiday at home

  7. People who really excel at what they do

  8. Coloured church windows

  9. Ballet of modern dance

  10. Honey bees

What makes Hilary happy?
  1. Spending time with loved ones

  2. Girlie days out in Manchester

  3. Exploring a city early in the morning as it's waking up

  4. Venice

  5. Good food & drink and great conversation

  6. The Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

  7. The treasures of the National Gallery, London

  8. Staying in bed on a Sunday and listening to the Archers

  9. Curling up in my armchair with a good book (or a bad man)

  10. Bourbon

What makes sandra nilsson happy?
  1. my children, natalie & morgan

  2. pink martini

  3. von trap family singrs

  4. autumn leaves

  5. sring

  6. my lovely husband soren from sweden

  7. sunshine, turkey @the maldives

  8. the sea

  9. a nice glass of medoc

  10. just life, happy people, music xx

What makes Aimee happy?
  1. The beach

  2. Spending time with my Sister

  3. Shopping

  4. yoga

  5. Waking up on a Saturday morning- no work!

  6. Laughter with my friends

  7. Holidas- exploring new places

  8. Cosy nights in with a DVD & ice cream

  9. Hugs from people I love

  10. Music

What makes Sarah Pollitt happy?
  1. My three notebooks full of book ideas and writing stories

  2. My boyfriend John

  3. Great music - Pink Martini, The Von Trapps and Sadie and the Hotheads

  4. posting videos on my YouTube channel "WolfeCake"

  5. playing video games by myself or with friends

  6. Spending two months every year in Sweden living in a Viking village as a Viking warrior with friends from around the world

  7. Studio Ghibli films

  8. All things fantastical, kawaii and mythological

  9. Reading and writing comic books

  10. Science fiction/High Fantasy/Medieval/Fantasy novels

What makes Phil happy?
  1. Cake... any kind of cake... mmm, cake...

  2. My friends and family, when they are all behaving!

  3. Burlesque evenings, feathers and sequins!

  4. New baby smell, and babies in general...

  5. Cuddling up in bed with a proper old library book, complete with tea stains on it and folded corners!

  6. Easy listening music, the cheesier the better!

  7. Cool rain on a hot day...

  8. Fancy dress costumes, and silly hats!

  9. Massive cocktails that are sticky and sweet

  10. Ice cream, alone or with lots of fresh fruit!