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What makes Rob Grover happy?
  1. Pink Martini appearing in Brighton at the weekend

  2. My wife laughing

  3. My daughter Aimee's peanut butter ice cream

  4. My daughter Mollie sleeping

  5. New Zealand sauvignon blanc - large glass

  6. chocolate

  7. listening to music through good quality headphones

  8. walking along the sea front in Eastbourne, Sussex

  9. a symphony orchestra in full flow

  10. talented pianists

What makes searlena happy?
  1. spending time with my mum

  2. hamster hugs

  3. pink martini

  4. my bed

  5. food

  6. reading

  7. colouring

  8. placido domingo

  9. mark harmon

  10. sweets

What makes Kevan happy?
  1. My wife's cheeky sense of humour

  2. The smell of sizzling bacon

  3. Drinking real ale with my Son

  4. When Chelsea win

  5. Amado Mio

  6. Traditional British Pubs

  7. Getting to the top of a mountain

  8. Cream teas in Devon

  9. Constructing buildings

  10. Rainbows

What makes Lilly the Labrador happy?
  1. Walkies

  2. Tummy rubs

  3. Tea time

  4. Greeting the chaps home from work

  5. Tennis Balls

  6. Sticks

  7. Swimming

  8. Rolling in the mud

  9. Apple bits

  10. Chasing pheasants

What makes Daniela happy?
  1. Shower

  2. Warm Tea

  3. Cuddling

  4. Ribbons

  5. Fluffy cats

  6. Cheesecakes

  7. Cute Notebooks

  8. Flowers

  9. Strawberries

  10. Knee socks

What makes chee woong happy?
  1. having good time with my mum and sisters

  2. cuddling with bunnie my love

  3. dark chocolate with wine

  4. good typography art

  5. drawing/painting/doodling

  6. a good piece of misuc (e.g Pink Martini)

  7. seeing beautiful people with beautiful heart

  8. Blue sky and blue sea

  9. surrounded by people I love

  10. on vacation especially country side

What makes Helly happy?
  1. Feeling loved

  2. Sharing !!!!

  3. Spending a good time with fiends

  4. Traveling & discovering new things

  5. Sunshine

  6. Sunshine, beach, sea, mountains

  7. Swimming with dolphins

  8. Skiing

  9. A glass of champagne & sushi / good food

  10. Good music, of course

What makes Nela happy?
  1. Baking

  2. Printing in a darkroom

  3. La sobremesa with my friends and family

  4. playing tennis

  5. Putting my cold feet under his legs for warmth

  6. Smell of Fall in the air

  7. Giving mimos to any dogs

  8. dancing in the kitchen

  9. Days to wake up with no alarms

  10. listenig to to mu students say "Ahhh I get it"

What makes Mireille happy?
  1. My husband

  2. My daughter (to see that she succeed)

  3. Walk outside during Quebec Fall with colors

  4. To cook homemade bread

  5. Friday night homemade pizza with our friends

  6. Travel and discover new places

  7. Good red wine...

  8. My errant cat Minoune (I am allergic but I take care of her)

  9. Listening to any album of Pink Martini

  10. Have I said good red wine?

What makes Christine Stoll happy?
  1. My Family!

  2. Bicycling, especially on Rails to Trails

  3. Caramel...swimming in Caramel...

  4. My Dog Gipper the Goofball

  5. Open spaces....don't fence me in!

  6. The smell of the sea

  7. Baking bread

  8. Dancing flowers

  9. Purring kitties

  10. Kisses...

What makes James Erik Moore happy?
  1. The wonderful, beautiful amazing person in the photograph.

  2. Arriving in a new place.

  3. Gardens, parks, flowers and outdoor theaters in the springtime.

  4. Browsing book and record shoppes.

  5. Laughter. mine, yours, everyones.

  6. Long conversations and casual observations in cafes.

  7. The seaside.

  8. Listening to Pink Martini. always.

  9. A bicycle ride, to nowhere in particular.

  10. photographing you. making memories, with you. holding your hand, saying goodnight and good morning next to you,

What makes Jenny Castano happy?
  1. Love

  2. Family

  3. Friends

  4. Music

  5. Fresh food

  6. Fresh air

  7. Blue

  8. People

  9. Travel

  10. My work

What makes Eleanor happy?
  1. My husband and children

  2. Coffee whilst listening to Pink Martini

  3. Home made bread

  4. Beaches

  5. Crochet

  6. Squishy yarn

  7. Woodland walks

  8. The English countryside

  9. Debussy's Clair de Lune, played by my husband

  10. Knowing that I'm loved and accepted

What makes Nouan Siriphong happy?
  1. Laughter and memories that bring a smile to my face

  2. Music from different genres

  3. Cooking esp for others

  4. A good bottle of red wine

  5. Smile on childrens faces

  6. Outdoors and freshair

  7. Hugs when I see my friends

  8. Caberet and burlesque shows

  9. Musicals

  10. Meeting people from different walks of life

What makes P’tite Miche happy?
  1. Laughing with my 2 kids.

  2. Looking at my husband eyes.

  3. Kayaking on the river.

  4. Looking at the sunset.

  5. Listening your music.

  6. Listening at birds.

  7. Looking at flowers.

  8. Seeing other people happy.

  9. Seeing my family and frends.

  10. Feeling good.

What makes Jen happy?
  1. Love

  2. Fresh food

  3. Fresh air

  4. Music

  5. Family

  6. Friends

  7. People

  8. My work

  9. Travel

  10. Blue

What makes Amanda happy?
  1. Walking through a quiet forest

  2. The first apples of Fall

  3. Buttered toast

  4. Dressing up, just because

  5. Reading and writing poetry

  6. Daydreaming

  7. Listening to people talk about things/people they love

  8. The sounds of my friends' voices

  9. The colour pink

  10. Cooking the perfect hard-boiled egg

What makes Estrella Chavez happy?
  1. Collecting seeds from everyplace that I visit, I love the weird shapes that some of them have

  2. Visiting my nieces and nephews and play with them, making silly things to make them laugh

  3. Feeling the rain over me

  4. Making happy people by sharing the things that I bake with the people that I love

  5. Outdoor activities: biking, bird watching, camping, etc.

  6. Laughing and dancing wildly with my girlfriends

  7. Watching the beautiful colors of the fall while feeling the wind

  8. Watching movies with my sweetheart during the cold days of winter (also during the rest of the year)

  9. Sleep with my grandma or with my mom as when I was a child

  10. Learning new languages!

What makes Heidi happy?
  1. My sweetie Matt

  2. My BFF Debbie

  3. Sharing my love of Doctor Who with Matt, Debbie and Scott

  4. Hearing the Von Trapps LIVE with Pink Martini, singing Lonely Goatherd!

  5. Anticipation of visiting Harry Potter Land in one month!

  6. Getting together with my Peeps

  7. Contra dancing

  8. Going birding

  9. Recording podcast interviews

  10. Old movies with tap dancing in them

What makes Nathalie happy?
  1. My canary birds singing to me

  2. Seiing my sick turtle recover a little more every day

  3. Hot chocolate !

  4. My garden

  5. Orchids

  6. Your music!

  7. Having a laugh with my friends

  8. Children playing and laughing

  9. Traveling

  10. A beautiful day in a pool or skating outside

What makes Claire happy?
  1. Sharing cocktails with friends at jazz bars

  2. Visiting family I don't see often enough

  3. Walking along windy beaches

  4. The smell of bread and cakes baking

  5. The sound of rain and thunder when I'm warm in bed

  6. The crackle sound at the start of a vinyl record

  7. Marc Bolan's curly hair

  8. Playing piano all day

  9. Literally just everything about Christmas

  10. Secondhand bookshops

What makes LARK happy?
  1. nature

  2. good health

  3. Ron, Ashley, Oliver, Little Dog

  4. music

  5. art

  6. reading

  7. dancing

  8. animals

  9. good food

  10. friends

What makes Franziska Jones happy?
  1. the sound and scent of poplar trees

  2. Laurel & Hardy

  3. sharing good times with loved ones

  4. good coffee

  5. cycling away from the hustle & bustle

  6. playing violin and music in general

  7. give a smile - get a smile

  8. good memories

  9. meditating by the water

  10. a good flick

What makes David happy?
  1. listening to pink martini

  2. attending pink martini concert at beacon theater

  3. knowing I'm seeing pink martini again next week at UCONN Jorgensen Theater

  4. cheesecake

  5. being with my husband

  6. my family

  7. my friends

  8. taking vacations

  9. good wine

  10. chocolate