We were looking through the archives of Thomas’ Polaroid photos and came across this forgotten gem of our percussionist Brian Davis (with the ponytail behind the drums) and Ringo Starr, and naturally thought it would make a great Throwback Thursday photo!

Ringo Starr and Brian Davis - Pink Martini

Here is a little backstory on the photo, from Brian himself:

“The year was 1998. Pink Martini ┬áhad just performed at an amfAR benefit in France hosted by Sharon Stone and Harvey Weinstein. After our set, Harvey saw Ringo Starr and Elton John in the audience and said if enough money was offered to the cause, perhaps he could get them up to play together. They agreed, and ended up playing a song using our still set up gear. I thought to myself, Hey, the worst they could do is to tell me to leave! So after their first number I jumped on stage and Ringo said, All right then mate, let’s have a go at it!

We played “Twist and Shout”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and a bunch of others. Other Pink members came back in, saw me there, and jumped into the jam for the last number. Getting to meet and play with Ringo and Elton was the time of my life. Ringo was friendly and we chatted a bit afterwards, making jokes, taking pictures, etc. Elton was very friendly on stage, but after playing was whisked off by his entourage, so no conversation there.

At this same party I saw an empty seat next to Elizabeth Taylor, so naturally I sat with her and enjoyed a lovely conversation. She pinched my cheek and I was in heaven. I also met LA Lakers coach Pat Riley and talked hoops, and later tried to flirt with Salma Hayek, but she was having none of it.

All in all it was an absolutely amazing afternoon!”