We’re thrilled to announce that Dream a Little Dream, our new collaborative album with The von Trapps, charted #4 in Quebec and #21 in Canada overall! A big thank you to all of our Canadian fans that have purchased the album and helped us reach those impressive spots so quickly!

In related news, we just received the Dream a Little Dream vinyl! It is now available in our online store, so head on over and pick up your copy today!

Dream a Little Dream Vinyl and Comic BookWe’re also excited to announce the publication of “Harmonic Break”, an original comic book written by August von Trapp and featuring artwork by Ethan Nicolle, Zak Kinsella, Thien Pham, Jeff McComsey, and Chris Grine! The comic tells the story of Sofi, Melanie, Amanda, and August von Trapp, four singing siblings who are whisked away from a performance by a “temporal rift” and dropped into different times and places throughout history! This limited-edition comic will be available for purchase in our online store and at our shows, and a digital version will be released in chapters on our blog! Stay tuned for more information as it develops!