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Pink Martini Wears Orange

“The guys in Pink Martini are very supportive. After all, everybody has a thing they battle with—diabetes, other health issues—but we come together and talk about how we’re doing. Aside from playing wonderful music and being in amazing places, it’s a family environment. Everybody cares about each other.” – Anthony Jones, drummer

Our beloved drummer Anthony Jones was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was twenty-one but hasn’t had a single MS relapse since he joined Pink Martini in early 2012. Earlier this month at Pink Martini Headquarters, The Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society hosted “Pink Martini Wears Orange:” a benefit that celebrated the Society’s supporters and also paid tribute to Anthony.

Make a donation and read a full write-up of the event on the National MS Society’s website.

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Love of Country – Old and New

“And so, by fits and starts, by blood and toil and tears, we have come closer and closer to our highest aspirations, to our ideal, expressed at the very Founding, that all people are endowed by the Creator with certain rights that cannot be taken or given away, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – The Honorable Michael Mosman

Last Thursday June 18th we had the remarkable privilege of performing at a U.S. Naturalization Ceremony in downtown Portland, Oregon. Today the Supreme Court granted same-sex couples across the country the right to marry. It’s a wonderful day to be an American and to celebrate we wanted to share Presiding Judge Michael Mosman’s moving words from last week’s ceremony as he welcomed 71 new citizens from 37 different countries to their new home.


I. Welcome

It is a great privilege and honor for me to say a few words on this memorable day. If I had my way, we’d have a great feast, and we’d dance and sing together and celebrate. But, instead, you get a speech. Read More…

Thomas Lauderdale’s Favorite Holiday Tunes

Our bandleader Thomas Lauderdale is a connoisseur of many a curiosity — ask him about snow globes, paint-by-numbers, View-Masters or Oregon history and you’re sure to learn more than you bargained for. Holiday music is no exception.  When asked to curate a holiday playlist for our fans, Thomas sprung into action like a devoted elf on North Pole deadlines, yanking vinyl off shelves and unearthing boxes of old CDs and cassettes. After his initial selections were made, there were several rowdy hours of  ”Jingle Bells” dance offs and “Ave Maria” showdowns here at Pink Martini Headquarters. The result: a beautifully-balanced festive playlist from Thomas’s collection to yours.

If there is one thing Thomas loves even more than music, it’s good company. So find some jolly good fellas and bellas, and have yourselves a holly jolly holiday sing-a-long.

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Announcing Our First-Ever 7″ Vinyl!

“Zundoko-bushi” Single / 7″ Vinyl

We are delighted to announce the release of our first-ever 7″ vinyl, and you have a say in the price!

Meet Generous, our new partner in pay-what-you-will merchandise sales. The Generous slider gives you the opportunity to decide how much you want to pay for certain items. The more you choose to spend, the more great Pink Martini stuff you get! And to encourage generosity, 10% of every purchase goes to the Derek Rieth Foundation, created in loving memory of our late percussionist Derek Rieth and dedicated to empowering youth through music and dance.

Our first Generous slider features a one-of-a-kind Pink Martini offering: The first single from 2013′s Get Happy is our first vinyl 7″ ever! Originally made famous by the Japanese band The Drifters in 1969, “Zundoku-bushi” is a water-skiing samurai-spy lounge-surf mega-hit, featuring exotic instruments like the sitar and flexatone. Watch a live performance of the single here.

We rarely dip into our vaults to present unreleased tracks, but we happily did for this project. Introducing the B-side “Foxy Strut,” a joyous horn-driven Herb Alpert-inspired piece of instrumental candy named after China Forbes’ dog Foxy. Read More…

Follow Us On Spotify For Pink Martini Playlists!

Have you heard? Pink Martini is on Spotify!


That’s right — there’s now an official Pink Martini Spotify profile! This means we can create playlists and share our favorite music with the world. Over the course of the next few months we’ll be releasing a variety of different types of playlists for you to enjoy. There’s the “Thomas M. Lauderdale Playlist” series, in which you’ll hear some favorites from the collection of our beloved bandleader; “Heinz Secret Recipes”, in which we will showcase the vast musical tastes of members of our label, Heinz Records; and as a very special treat, “Pink Martini Original Inspirations”, in which we’ll list the original songs that acted as inspiration for some of the band’s top hits!

Here’s a sample of the musical magic that’s to come:

So what are you waiting for? Go follow Pink Martini on Spotify and subscribe to our playlists! We’ll release a new one about once a month — you won’t want to miss a single one! Read More…

Derek Rieth Memorial Drum Parade

There will be a public memorial service for Derek Rieth this Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 7:00 PM in Pioneer Square in Portland, OR.

Please come join Derek’s family, friends, Pink Martini, The Lions of Batucada, Jorge Alabe, and the region’s sambistas as we play in tribute and share a moment to bid a fond farewell to our son, brother, colleague, and beloved friend. Please meet in the northwest corner of the Square, near Starbucks.

The service will include a samba batucada procession as we walk from Pioneer Square to the riverfront. Feel free to bring percussion instruments and join in the celebration. We will help you find a part to play.

If you are a sambista, please wear all white.

The service will also include an opportunity for you to learn more about the Derek Rieth Foundation, a memorial organization founded by Derek’s family to provide musical instruments and music education to underprivileged young people.

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