The other half of our all-star tag team at the drum kit (along with Andrew Borger), Reinhardt Melz was seemingly born with drumsticks already in hand. Stepson to famed Latin percussionist Bobby Torres, who has influenced and guided him, Reinhardt has been working professionally as a drummer since he was 17, and has laid down the beat for artists as diverse as Buddy Guy, Steve Miller, Les McCann, and Stevie Wonder. He tours regularly with Canadian rocker Gino Vanelli, and has been seen on stages (and heard on records) with Pink Martini since early 2016. Also, a little known fun fact: Reinhardt’s grandmother gave our fearless leader Thomas Lauderdale his first gig, as a ballet accompanist!

1. If you could have seen any musician in concert, dead or alive, who you never got to see live, who would it be?

Miles Davis with Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and George Coleman

2. What is your favorite Pink Martini song to perform?

Cante e dance

3. What Pink Martini song gets stuck in your head?


4. If you could have a side gig in any current band, which?

Munir Hossen

5. If you had a robot that could do one household chore for you… what would it be?

Organize my whole house!

6. If you could instantly be fluent in any language, which?


7. Who is your favorite movie director?

Ben Stiller

8. What was the first concert you ever saw?

Captain & Tennille (because my dad was in the band)

9. If you could have one dish from any restaurant appear instantly anytime, which?

Picadillo from the Cuban restaurant Que Bolá?

10. What music would you choose as a soundtrack to your most triumphant moment?

The Rocky theme

11. What’s your favorite sweet/dessert?

Thai Coconut ice cream with sticky rice

12. What illustrated animal or object would star in your children’s book?

Oscar the grouch

13. Who do you wish would play you in Pink Martini: The Movie?

The Rock

14. Pride of Lions, Pod of Whales… what would you call a pack of

A squack

15. Are you on the party bus or sleepy bus?

Literally the party bus… but I am often sleepy on the party bus.

16. If you could safely tour any ancient civilization, which?

Ancient Rome

17. Tell us a good knock knock joke?

Don’t know any… how about a musician joke? Ok!
What’s the difference between a dead snake and a trombone player in the road?
The snake was on his way to a gig😩
There were skidmarks in front of the snake😂😂😂
Sorry Antonis and Robert❤️

18. What is your favorite non-musical hobby?

Watching breakdance videos with my oldest son… watching MMA fights with my youngest.

19. If you were instantly skilled enough to have any one other occupation in the world besides musician, what would you choose?

Dancer or MMA fighter

20. What is your favorite city in the world?

New York

21. What’s the most fun thing about being in Pink Martini?

Traveling to far off places that I have never been, and performing for large crowds with top notch musicians.The “hang” in between shows is pretty awesome too.

22. How did you choose your musical instrument?

My biological father is a bassist and my stepfather a Latin percussionist. I think that their admiration for great drummers made me want to be one.

23. How are you keeping sane and calm during this crisis and these weeks of quarantine?

Keeping myself busy improving my drum studio, exercising, and hanging out with my wife, my two sons (ages 18 & 22) and my 2 dogs.