Greg Tamblyn

One of Pink Martini’s unsung heroes, Greg Tamblyn has been our tour manager since 2016, though to him it probably feels more like two decades. In addition to keeping everything running smoothly on the road, and ensuring that each performance is a success, Greg also makes all of the complex travel decisions and arrangements for our tours. Tour managing a band has been described as “herding cats,” but it’s probably more akin to herding hyper-caffeinated rabbits. Through it all, Greg manages to keep an incredibly steady demeanor and serene air of calm, no matter what the crisis. And with a traveling contingent of 18-20 musicians and crew, a new crisis is always just around the corner. The best sign that he’s great at his job? The band never even gets a whiff of 99% of those near-calamities, and can ride the tour buses in comfort looking forward to the next amazing show.

Greg was born in Ithaca, New York, but moved west with his family and ended up in Beaverton High School (in the Portland suburbs), where he fell in love with theater, a passion that would ultimately set the course of his life. He has done everything in theater from Actor to Technician, from Designer to Director and Producer, and has captained several extraordinarily successful professional productions in the Portland region throughout his career. Also, for an incredible run of 40 years he was McDonalds’ “Chief Happiness Officer,” meaning that you could find him clowning around (literally) as the famous Ronald at special appearances all over West Coast. We kid you not. Somehow we were lucky enough to convince him to put the clown shoes in the closet and hit the road with us, where all of his theatrical experience adds even another layer of value to his work with our live shows; he even somehow manages to direct the lighting at each concert! When he’s not on the road, he enjoys outdoor activities, building things, and spending time with his wife and three children.

1. If you could have seen any musician in concert, dead or alive, who you never got to see live, who would it be?

The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Bee Gees

2. What is your favorite Pink Martini song to perform?

Since I am not in the band the one I like to watch from the light board is “I Am Woman”

3. What Pink Martini song gets stuck in your head?

“Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”

4. If you could have a side gig in any current band, which?

Bruno Mars

5. If you had a robot that could do one household chore for you… what would it be?

Wash the windows

6. If you could instantly be fluent in any language, which?


7. Who is your favorite movie director?

J. J. Abrams & Martin Scorsese

8. What was the first concert you ever saw?

I think it was either the Bee Gees or Elton John

9. If you could have one dish from any restaurant appear instantly anytime, which?

Spaghetti & Meatballs

10. What music would you choose as a soundtrack to your most triumphant moment?

Anything John Williams wrote

11. What’s your favorite sweet/dessert?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

12. What illustrated animal or object would star in your children’s book?

Donkey from Shrek

13. Who do you wish would play you in Pink Martini: The Movie?

Bruce Willis

14. Pride of Lions, Pod of Whales… what would you call a pack of squirrels?


15. Are you on the party bus or sleepy bus?

It is actually called the sleepy/working bus

16. If you could safely tour any ancient civilization, which?


17. Tell us a good knock knock joke?

First wave your right hand is a circle over your head like you’re spinning a Lasso. Knock Knock – Who’s There? Yah. Yah who?

18. What is your favorite non-musical hobby?


19. If you were instantly skilled enough to have any one other occupation in the world besides musician, what would you choose?

Broadway Producer/Director

20. If you had complete creative control, what book would you like to turn into a movie?

Any “Jack Ryan” novel

21. What is your favorite city in the world?


22. What’s the most fun thing about being in Pink Martini?

The band & crew. Also performing in the most amazing venues around the world.

23. How are you keeping sane and calm during this crisis and these weeks of quarantine?

I have cleaned my garage 10 times. Removed and rebuilt the 350 foot fence around my home. Watched all the Marvel movies again in chronological order. Wrote a song for a Magic Show I am working on. Spending a lot of wonderful time with my family.